Cleaning Mistakes That You Must Avoid

All of us want to maintain the cleanliness of our home but we also want to do it as fast as possible because we still need do other things. Here are some common house and office cleaning mistakes that you must avoid to keep your work fast and efficient.  

You Don’t Follow the Top to Bottom Rule 

It can be quite tempting to vacuum first if it is your least favorite chore. Dirt will likely fall over your freshly vacuumed carpeting if dusting the top is your last task for the day, then your effort will be wasted because you will do that annoying part once again. To make your life a lot easier, click here 

    You Don’t Sort Laundry 

You might skip sorting by color your dirty clothes because you are in a hurry to laundry every now and then but sort before washing your clothes is often actually what it takes to save you some time. Never forget to separate lint givers from lint catchers, such as towels made of knits because if you wash them together, you will be having trouble to get rid of the fuzzy fabrics of lint. 

    Tackling Windows on Sunny Days 

Since the heat could cause your cleaner to dry fast before you can wipe it at your windows so a nice and warm sun might actually be a hindrance to your efforts. Well, if you want to skip of this tedious task, many companies that offer professional services such as that provides high-quality work and guarantees that their clients are satisfied. 

    You Don’t Turn Off Vacuum’s Brush 

Ensure that you turn off the rotating brush if you’re vacuuming bare floors with an upright vacuum because you will just scatter dirt and dust instead of picking it all up.  

Washing the Dishes at the Sink before Putting In Dishwasher 

Yes, it is true that you must scrape any scraps of food into the garbage but do not bother rinsing or hand washing your dishes before you put them in your dishwasher because experts say that it doesn’t get your dishes cleaner. 

Prewashing is a waste of energy and time, you can just simply load them in the dishwasher and let the dishwasher rinse using only one cycle.  

    You Don’t Let Tile Cleaner Sit for a Few Minutes Before Scrubbing 

Before wiping away, you must give your spray tub and tile cleaners enough time to work. Leaving them for a while and letting them sit helps soften and dissolve soap scum and stains. This will lead to less scrubbing. 

    Not Removing Shoes at the Door 

The dirt from the outside can really accumulate in your house particularly in your carpets if your family does not practice removing their shoes before entering your home.  You can double up doormats so that less dirt will reach your carpets but this will also give you additional work. 

   Using Lint Roller to Clean Pet Hair 

You might instinctively get for a sticky paper if you’re staring down a particular couch covered with fur but a lit roller even though handy isn’t really up to heavy duty jobs. Reach for a damp rubber glove instead and efficiently whisk the fuzz away. 

You must also keep in mind that your cleaning materials also need proper maintenance and cleaning. Never use a dirty cleaning material because you will just be adding dirt and dust in your home. 


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